26 May 2009


Studio Nails is now on Flickr! Come join our group (Studio Nails) and upload your photos of the nails you have designed yourself! Photo Contest coming soon - so come join us and post your favorite pictures of STUDIO NAILS!

17 May 2009

~ New Nail Line ~

Studio Nails now offers a new line of prim fingernails! For those of you who love the nails but don't necessarily want or need the Revolutionary Nail HUD - this product is for you!

The Novelty Nails are menu driven prim fingernails that allow you to choose from 10 different colors and 4 different levels of shine!

This new line of nails is separate from the Revolutionary Nail HUD - you do not need a HUD in order to purchase or wear these nails.
Again each Novelty Nail set will come in either the ROUND or SQUARE style.

All Studio Nails include 6 different sizes for your avatar's hands- 5,10,15,20,25,30!

More Novelty Nails will be coming soon - so check back for updates!

~ New Nail Art Designs ~

The artists at Studio Nails have been very busy the last few weeks. They have created MANY new nail art designs to be uploaded onto the REVOLUTIONARY HUD! Check out the pictures of just a few of the designs....

There is also an ENTIRE vendor with 22 designs that are all DOLLARBIES! These dollarbie designs will not last long since these specific designs are being ended to make room for new designs!

Just as a reminder - if you have wedding bands/rings or just rings that you love to wear - we can link those to our prim nails as long as the jewelry is MOD!

For more information please see the sign located at the Studio Nails main shop.

01 May 2009


Welcome to Studio Nails Blog!

I am the owner of Studio Nails in Second Life. I hope you will find this blog useful in understanding my exciting new product line and I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. Also check out the post from the Nail Artist of the shop. We will be coming out with new things all the time - and if you ever have any questions or need help - feel free to visit us in world!

For now I'd like to give you a small overview of the product without being long winded. I'm sure you will find this product useful - like many other female avatars already have!

Our main product at the moment - is the HUD - as you see below. This amazing HUD not only allows you to choose ANY COLOR under the SL Rainbow for your choice of square or round prim nails - but it also allows you to add the fabulous nail art designs to them. It also has areas for creating your own presets - so you always have that perfect nail handy to fit that perfect outfit.

The HUD is sold with 6 different sizes of nails ranging from 5-30. You will never need to adjust or 'fix' your nails. If your hand size falls between 5 and 30 - they will fit perfectly EVERY time.

You can play with the DEMO HUD inside the shop located in-world at

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you!